Stockholm Convention Regional Centre for Capacity Building and Technology Transfer in Asia Region

CSIR -National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR - NEERI) specializes in environmental science and engineering. Since its inception in 1958, the institute has been involved in transferring numerous technological solutions to the industries and public sector. CSIR - NEERI was nominated as Stockholm Convention regional centre on persistent organic pollutants for Asia region in September 2010 and has been endorsed as the regional centre for capacity building and technology transfer at COP-5 meeting held at Geneva (April 25th-29th 2011). The centre aims to conduct research and development studies in the area of POPs and new POPs along with special focus to promote their environmentally sound management, capacity building and awareness raising campaigns in the region.

Message from the Coordinators

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Coordinator, SCRC, India

For past several decades, CSIR - National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR - NEERI) is playing a major role in addressing some of India’s most pressing and critical national challenges. CSIR - NEERI provides knowledge based services for environmental management in India for monitoring and analysis of pesticides, dioxins, furans, PCBs and persistent pollutants from various environmental matrices in the form of sponsored and consultancy projects supported by both governmental and private agencies in India. CSIR - NEERI has pioneered significant R&D activities for various Industries. CSIR - NEERI is one of the institutes in India having facilities for dioxin and furan estimation from environmental media. The Institute has outstanding scientific and technical manpower and resources to consult and demonstrate hazardous waste management and disposal technologies. CSIR - NEERI has an adequate knowledge on BAT/BEP; waste management, POPs analysis, NIP formulation and inventory investigation.

Being one of the Stockholm Convention Regional Centre on POPs for Asia region (SCRC), CSIR - NEERI is dedicated to provide technical assistance with respect to monitoring and assessment of POPs in the environment, raise awareness and promote identification and environmentally sound management of POPs and POPs contaminated sites in the region. This will help the regional parties in fulfilling their obligations towards Stockholm Convention.

Chief Scientist and Head, Solid & Hazardous Waste Management Division,
Contact Person, SCRC, India

The Regional centre have been established in the institutions that possessed the relevant expertise and capacity to undertake the task of providing technical assistance and capacity building to the serving countries. This is an important movement to facilitate the exchange of information, experience and expertise among the parties in the region, which will encourage the integration of various national actions and activities recommended by the Stockholm Convention. The regional centre are considered to take into account existing or ongoing efforts taking place in the areas relevance to the implementation of the Stockholm Convention, in the context of cooperation with other relevant organizations in the region.

The major goals of the CSIR - National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR - NEERI), Stockholm Convention Regional Centre on POPs for Asia region (SCRC), India is to provide technical assistance to the parties in the region so as to enhance the capacity of the parties with respect to public awareness, environmental monitoring and sound management of POPs and POPs contaminated sites, to strengthen the regulatory framework, health and environmental risk assessment for fulfilling their obligations of the Stockholm Convention. Also, to assist parties of the region in reviewing and updating their respective NIPs with respect to new POPs.