Neeri Reports

4. Carrying capacity based planning for proposed development of Sambalpur- Jharsiguda Region, Orissa (SPCB, Orissa)
Comprehensive Environmental impact Assessment for Mumbai Sewage Disposal Project Phase - II Priorty work
Technical Consultancy & Supervision for the Severage implementation project at Udaipur
Development of Pollution Abetament Strategies For Damodar River System
Study of groundwater aquifer system at Jaganath Puri and its protection from contamination
Development of GIS- Based Modelling Tool for non-point source Pollution Assessment in a watershed
Pollution Monitoring, Mitigration System and Device - estimation of assimilative capacity of environmental media of select regions
GIS-Based mapping of Water Distribution System and Integration Risk Assessment of Risk Prone Area for High Contamination Probabilities
GIS based water distribution system optimization software
Design of Wastewater Collection System for Agra Master Plan
Environmental Management Plan for Rejuvenation of River Yamuna
Ecological Engineering Measures for the Restoration of Lake Ecosystems at Udaipur
CSIR- Network Project<br>Multi Scale Modelling Platform for Environmental Forecasting & Management CMM-20
In-house R&D Projects Development of GIS based Environmental Modeling Tools
Augmentation of Water Supply System of Agra : Pre-design Cost Estimate
“Development of real time wireless embedded multi-sensor system for monitoring and analyzing water quality parameters”, XIIth FYP, Clean water (Rs. 25.49 Lakhs) PL: GLB, CEERI,NNB
Project Proposal “Characterization and assessment of convention water treatment facilities for Pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCPs)” WTI- DST – NPT& NK (PL)
Development and mass scale production of phosphors for dosimetric applications”, (G-1-1743), Sponsoredby BARC, Mumbai. PLM, SMD, VMS (Rs. 24.72 Lakhs)
Development of compact RPL phosphor discs and reader system”, DRDO GLB, PLM, NNB (Rs. 38.6 Lakhs)
Characterization and management of Dioxin & Furans - SIP16, XIth FYP
Development of portable digital kit for field measurement of Arsenic(SIP16(3.4), XIth FYP.
Remote access of analytical instruments at central instrumentation facility in general and Gas Chromatograph in particular using LAN facility (MLP)
Characterization, Management and Monitoring of Dioxins and Furans” (Project Leader: Neeta Thacker, Sophia Carmalin and S.M.Kashyap)
Development of a National Implementation Plan in India as a first step to implement the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Objective 4: Measures in relation to Unintentionally produced POPs (Dioxins and Furans)
Development of modified materials for the removal of arsenic from drinking water””.PL: DrSrimantKagne “Development of electrodes for the removal of nitrates from drinking water by electrochemical reduction process”, PL: DrSrimantKagne