Neeri Reports

Transcriptomic and proteomic analysis of Pteris vittata during phytoremediation of arsenic metal contaminated soil
Performance evaluation of identified arsenic and chromium hyperaccumulator plant system(s) for As and Cr removal from contaminated water and soil under field condition
Bioethanol production for Lignocellulosic waste: improved pre-treatment integrated sacchrification, fermentation and separation in a membrane bioreactor
Development of aqueous oxidative assisted soil aquifer treatment (SAT) system for management of wastewater generated from pharmaceutical industry
Feasibility of Treatment of Clean Condensate from Pyridine Plant for Suitable Reuse
Development of electronic nose for monitoring of obnoxious odourous constituents generated from pulp and paper industries
EIRA for the Proposed Small Scale Manufacturing Unit at Borkhedia, Nagpur (Defence R&D Establishment (DRDE)
Assessment of Impacts of the Kalpasar Project on the Existing & Proposed Ports in the Vicinity of Project Area (Narmada, Water Resources, Water Supply & Kalpasar Department, Gandhinagar)
Environmental Impact Assessment for the Construction of Katepura Barrage Across the River Katepura near Village Mangural Kambe I Tahsil Murtizapur, Dist. Akola, Maharashtra (Akola Irrigation Division, Akola) (2008) (Irrigation Department, Akola)
EIRA Studies for the Proposed Expansion of Captive Power Plant by Installing 12.5 MW Coal Based CPP at Indian Rayon, Veraval, Gujarat (Aditya Birla Goup, Veraval)
Comprehensive Risk Assessment of MRPL Phase - III Refinery, Mangalore
Evaluation of Environment Management Plan with Environmental Auditing and Monitoring (M/s City Corporation Ltd., Pune)
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for Expansions Proposed by M/s Grasim Cellulosic at Vilayat Wagra (GIDC), Gujarat (M/s Grasim Industries Ltd., Birlagram, Nagda) (March 2010)
Environmental Impact Assessment for Exploratory Drilling Proposed in Offshore NELP-VII Block MB-OSN-2005/5 in West Coast of India (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.) (March 2010)
Environmental Impact Assessment for Exploratory Drilling Proposed in Offshore NELP-VII Block MB-OSN-2005/1 in West Coast of India (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.) (March 2010)
Risk analysis Study and Disaster Management Plan for Jindal Steel & Power Ltd., Barbil, Orissa (M/s Jindal Steel & Power Ltd., Barbil)
Environmental Impact Assessment of Proposed Underground Rock Cavern Facilities for Strategic Storage of Crude Oil at Paduru, Udupi Dist. (Karnataka), Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Ltd. (ISPRL), (February 2010)
Risk Assessment for the Proposed Refinery at Thiruchapuram, Village Cuddalore, Dist. Tamilnadu (M/s Nagarjuna Oil Corporation Ltd., Kayalpattu, Cuddalore Dist.)
EIRA for installation of SPM, Naptha Feed Pipeline and Strong Tanks as utilities for Hazira Plant, ONGC, Hazira
Post Project Environmental Quality Monitoring (for Winter Period Study) (RIL)
Rapid Risk assessment (RRA) study for NFCCU, project of HPCL Refinery, Mumbai (HPCL)
Analysis and Source Apportionment of Tar ball Deposited on the Coast of Goa
Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Clearance for Madhya Pradesh Atomic Power Project (2x700 MW PHWRs) (NPCIL)
Environmental Impact Assessment for Proposed Polypropylene Unit and Integration of Phase I, II and III MRPL Refinery, Mangalore (MRPL)
Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment (EIRA) Study for Proposed Exploratory Drilling in NELP VI Block MB-OSN-2004/2 in Mumbai Offshore Region (Petrogas E & P, Mumbai)