Neeri Reports

Mining the metagenome for novel antibiotic producing genes
Metagenome analysis for metabolic pathways present in activated biomass at CETP
Redefining the treatment strategy and assessment of microbial catabolic diversity using genomic tools at CETP Vapi
Mechanistic understanding of disinfection property of bauxite residue
Bioremediation of contaminated soil by using genomics tools
Stress response in bacteria
Metagenomic study in Seabuckthorn Rhizosphere
Screening of biomolecules for microbial diversity from different ecological niches
Genomic tools in bioremediation: A case study using atrazine as a pollutant
Distinguishing features of 16S rDNA gene for five dominating bacterial genus observed in bioremediation
Identification of consensus pattern and signature for genus Pseudomonas from 16S rDNA sequences
Computational Biology & Bioinformatics
Stress response and gene regulation studies using 7L bioreactors
Monitoring degradative genotypes in effluents
PCR for monitoring of microorganisms in environmental samples
Selection of Novel Bacteria
Exploration and Exploitation of Microbial Wealth of India for Novel Compounds and Biotransformation Process
Development of chemo-biochemical process for the treatment of waste/ wastewater containing arsenic
Cell engineering and molecular biological investigations on Indigoferatinctoriaand Polygonoumtinctorium plants for natural indigo dye production
Development of integrated process for mitigation of oxides of nitrogen – A potential global warming gas
Improved pretreatment by the wet air oxidation system and enzymatic saccharification using tailor-made enzyme system for enhanced sugar release from lignocellulosic biomass for biofuel production
Development of a hybrid chemo-biochemical process for biogas generation from complex industrial effluent: experimental and modeling studies (NEERI-IISc)
Improvisation of indican production from Indigofera plant to enhance yield of natural indigo dye
Utilization of biofuel plant wastes as soil amendment
Diphasic Thermophilic Bioreactor System (DTBS) for treatment of kitchen waste generated from NEERI campus