About matK-QR Classifier software

The quick response (QR) code was reported to have the capacity to coding for different alphabets, number, and symbols. With the resolve of the core DNA barcodes for the kingdoms of life, focus would now move towards the practical uses of DNA barcoding technologies. Here we introduced software tool that can represent matK gene specific signatures as QR codes library in practical application for taxonomic identification.


Graphics-based user friendly interface

It accepts FASTA format matK gene sequences (.fasta/.txt/.fa/.seq/.fna extension file).

Export analysis results in respective text files.

Users can encode or decode QR-codes.


  • Developed by:
  • Mr. Ravi P. More and Dr. Hemant J. Purohit, EGD, CSIR-NEERI, Nagpur, MH, India (hj_purohit@neeri.res.in)