Air Pollution Control Division is involved mainly in the following areas of research and development


1.   Air Pollution Surveillance and Monitoring

  • Urban  ambient  air  quality
  • Industrial air quality / fugitive emission
  • Vehicle emission monitoring and stack monitoring

2.  Air Quality Modelling & source Apportionment Studies

  • Source dispersion modelling of Point - industrial emissions
  • Vehicular emission and area source emissions for prediction of ambient air quality under different scenario in space and time
  • Receptor modellingof particulate matter for source  apportionment analysis
  • Air quality trend analysis using statistical and neural network tools

3.  Air Pollution Control Systems Design and Development & Performance Evaluation

  • Emissions generation, treatment studies and design of Air Pollution Control Systems for small/medium scale industries

4.  Air Quality Management, Assimilative Carrying Capacity Studies

  • Delineation of air environment management plan and improvement plan for major sources
  • Environmental audit
  • Carrying capacity based developmental planning

5.  National Clean Air Mission

  • Demonstration studies for Air Pollution Control.
  • Air Pollution  & Health Impact Assessment.
  • Creation of Centre for Excellence.