Environmental Virology Cell (EVC) is established at Nagpur, Maharashtra in January 2013 as Virology Research Centre (VRC) under the auspices of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research – National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-NEERI), India. It was an outcome of the urgent need for research and investigation on Bacteriophages, Virus and Molecular Biology research. The EVC is considered an ideal group, to facilitate, for intensive training and research in virology and other infectious agents found in environment of our country. By the 50s the Institute had developed deep scientific roots, nurtured through the sustained efforts of many dedicated workers. With the expertise in virological training and research especially enteric viruses with emphasis on self-reliance; the centre was well prepared to undertake full responsibility as a Central Public Health Engineering Research Institute (CPHERI). CPHERI acquired its status of national importance and was renamed as NEERI in the 70s considering the importance of environmental research and engineering aspects. In the present scenario there is an urgent need felt for tackling pathogenic biological entities in the environment. As a result, on the recommendation of Director NEERI, EVC was created to deal with the related issue efficiently and legitimately. A state-of-art Microbial Containment Facility (MCF) having Biosafety levels for handling microorganisms of infectious nature is being kindly approved by Director-NEERI in EVC. This laboratory will provide National Containment facility for safe handling of hazardous pathogens in environment.