Develop as a Zonal Centre of Excellence in Environmental Monitoring and Toxic Waste Management


Research and Development

Environmental Systems Design and Modelling

  • Air quality modeling-classical pollutants, VOCs and aldehyde
  • Indoor air quality- VOCs and aldehyde
  • Wastewater treatability studies, recovery and reuse of spent chemicals
  • Design of urban solid waste management system
  • Optimal design of new or augmentation of existing water distribution system
  • Statistical analysis of environmental data

  Environmental Monitoring

  • Ambient air quality monitoring
  • Solid waste, soil and sludges characterization
  • Water and wastewater quality monitoring encompassing physico-chemical, toxic contaminant, bacteriological, and microbiological analysis

Environmental Impact and Risk Analysis

  • Rapid environmental impact assessment studies for infrastructure projects
  • Comprehensive environmental impact assessment studies for infrastructure projects

Solid and Hazardous Waste Management

  • Monitoring, evaluation and design of municipal and hazardous solid waste management system,
  • Identification of ways for safe disposal of solid and hazardous waste and its remediation

Environmental Policy

  • Environmental audit
  • ISO 14001, environmental management system

    1-8,Sector'C',East Kolkata
    Area Development Project
    P.O.East Kolkata Township
    Kolkata-700107,West Bengal