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Mandate : Major Areas                

Environmental Monitoring

  • Ambient, indoor and workplace air quality monitoring and control
  • Soil, sludges and solid waste characterization
  • Water and wastewater quality monitoring which include physico chemical, toxic contaminant, bacteriological and microbiological analysis

Environmental System Design and Modelling

  • Air Quality Dispersion Modelling, receptor-oriented modeling including Chemical mass balance model, Factor Analysis with multiple regression
  • Oceanographic Modelling - Hydrodynamic and water quality modelling  for the municipal and industrial waste discharges
  • Optimal design of new or augmentation of existing water distribution system
  • Low cost waste water treatment system design and technology
  • Advanced statistical analysis of environmental data

Environmental Impact and Risk Analysis

  • Regional carrying capacity studies
  • Environmental Impact assessment studies
  • Preparation of Environmental & Disaster Management Plans
  • Toxicity and Oil Spill Risk Assessment Studies
  • Climate Change and Green House Gas reduction plans

Water Resources Management

  • EIA and EMP of water resources development projects viz. dams and reservoirs
  • Surveillance of drinking water quality 
  • Performance evaluation of water treatment facilities 
  • Water conservation and environmental protection of the water bodies Lakes and Ponds

Wastewater Treatment and Management

  • Evaluation of ETP s & CETPs
  • Recycle & Reuse Technologies

Solid and Hazardous Waste Management

  • Municipal Solid Waste Management
  • Hazardous Waste Management and its Remediation
  • Phytoremediation, Bioremediation
  • MSW Planning and Technology assessment, designing of secured landfills 
  • Restoration and Remediation of Degraded Land Treatment of Urban and Industrial Wastewater 

Environmental Policy & Health

  • Environmental Safety and Health Audit
  • ISO 14001, Environmental Management System
  • Policy papers on Environmental Themes
  • Assessment of Hon’ble High Court PILs Cases
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