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Kolkata Zonal Laboratory


Kolkata Zonal Laboratory(KZL) is a very important and integral part of CSIR-NEERI’s spectrum of activities as astand-alone facility in Eastern and North-Eastern India and also, acts as a supporting arm to the Headquarterin CSIR-NEERI, Nagpur. With the upcoming new building in operation, KZL will have its research competence enhanced significantly in Analytical and Environmental Chemistry and Biological Sciences with high level of QA/QC procedure in place.

Presently, the laboratory is well-equipped with sophisticatedinstrumentation facilities such as GC-MS, Dionex Chromatography System, ICP-OES, Aerosol Spectrometer, Microwave Digestion System, Flame Photometer, Gerhardt Nitrogen Analyser, Integrated Indoor Air quality Monitor, Low Volume and High Volume Air Samplers, PM2.5 Samplers, Ozone Analyser, MiliQ Water Purification System etc. for chemical and environmental analyses. A new laboratory facility is being created in the new building to foster new avenues of research and development in the area of toxicogenomics, where modern genomic technologies would be used to understand the biological impact of environmental agents/stressors/toxicants at the molecular level. This new laboratory is going to be functional very soon and it has already been equipped with sophisticated instruments like RealTime PCR, 3-Block Thermocycler, Freezers (Minus 80 and Minus 20), Big Refrigerator, Biological Safety Cabinet, NanoSpectrophotometer, Gel Documentation System, Refrigerated Centrifuge, Microcentrifuge, Gel Electrophoresis etc.

KZL’s core areas of research activities in the Consultancy and R&D encompass the following:

Consultancy Areas

Air Quality/ Air Pollution/ Atmospheric Science

Ambient/ Indoor/ Workplace air quality monitoring and management 
Ambient air quality compliance studies as per new National Ambient Air Quality Standards of CPCB
Stack and fugitive emission monitoring 
Evaluation of air pollution control systems
Monitoring of trace air pollutants including Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
Monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions from terrestrial ecosystems
Emission inventory studies
Organization of Training Programmes 


Soil/ Solid & Hazardous Waste/ Water 

Soil quality/ fertility/ contamination assessment 
Characterization of solid waste and management
Utilization of industrial solid waste/ sludge in agriculture 
Drinking/ Irrigation/ Surface water/ Groundwater monitoring and characterization



Studies on impact of developmental and other anthropogenic activities on environment
Ambient and workplace sound level monitoring and assessment
Carbon footprint studies 


R&D Areas

Environmental Health/Occupational Health/Toxicogenomics

Assessment of health impacts of pollution in populations using genomic tools
Biomarker development for assessing toxicological effects of environmental agents/stressors/toxicants at the molecular level in populations
Population-based studies to understand genetic susceptibility to environmentally induced disease/phenotype risk
Identification and characterization of important polymorphism associated with disease/phenotype risk in environmentally responsive genes through population-based studies


Air Quality

Designing and development of particulate control tools/ gadgets 
Designing and development of indoor air purifiers 
Environmental & atmospheric modelling studies
VOC abatement studies
Indoor air quality studies
Gaseous emissions from municipal solid waste dumps
Persistent environmental pollutants


Contact Address

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CSIR-NEERI Zonal Laboratory

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