Networking Facilities

  • Around 300 mbps NKN leased line &  100 mbps BSNL leased line and distributed to campus using OFC
  • Structured Networking (Including Core Distribution and Access Switch).
  • Wi-Fi Networking (29 Access Points) covered 90% of campus and remote location like RSH hostel and Guest house
  • Cyberoam Firewall to adminstor network trafic for network security
  • Quick Heal Antivirus installed at each node of Campus
  • Management of Central Computing Facility of NEERI


Support Services

  • Active Directory User Creation  and Maintenance
  • Email Id creation
  • Email Moderation
  • Microsoft Outlook Configuration on desktop support
  • Website maintainance
  • Interanet facility for easy access of form & document
  • Monitoring and Manging AMC services of hardware(desktop ,laptop).
  • Maintainance of router (BSNL & NKN)


Salient features of campus wide Backbone Network are as follows:

  • Layer 3 intelligence high performance and throughput capacity
  • Hot swappable redundant power supply in Core Switch
  • Non-blocking forwarding
  • Minimized latency
  • Support for QoS, bandwidth tracking, and traffic prioritization
  • Voice and wireless connectivity
  • Manageable edge switches
  • Monitoring the Campus bandwidth using cyberoam
  • Support for Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)
    • Grouping all computers, servers, printers, and resources of a specific department together independent of geographic location of these devices.
    • Improves the security, scalability, and manageability.
  • Network security is provided through two UTM appliances with failover option . User authentication for browsing the Internet is linked with ADS
  • Currently Wi-Fi facility is available at Guest House, all Divisions,RSH hostel Cisco 3700 & 1600 Access Points
    Network expansion still continues and work in on for making the campus Wi-Fi by deploying more number of Access Points


NEERI Network Management System has High End Computational Servers on which accounts are given to employees ,PA's and students of the Divisions . Network Connectivity  is also provided to the remote locations, which includes Dispensary,Guest house and RSH hostel. CTMD manages and administers the Internet links and the internet services such as  World Wide Web,  FTP and other services.A UTM has been installed for authenticity and managing users connectivity to the internet services.