1. Introduction

Centre of Strategic Urban Management (C-SUM) aims to involve urban local bodies and stakeholders for building smart and sustainable cities. C-SUM also provides solutions to improve a city's environmental quality andreduceit’s carbon footprint. The centre also addresses the priority local environmental issues to better achieve sustainable urbanization, with appropriate environmental planning, management capacity and policy application. C-SUM plans to work with city managers in the following areas:

  • Helping build a Carbon Neutral Society
  • Green Building Systems
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Green Purchase Network
  • Non-conventional Energy
  • Efficient Decentralized Waste Management
  • Helping Cities Move towards Sustainability through Scientific Studies
  • Carrying Capacity Based Studies for Better Management Plans
  • Climate Change Studies for the Strategic Mitigating Measures
  • Monitoring Performance of Implementation / Benchmarking
  • Environmental Product Assessment and Grading (Green rating for products)
  • Environmental Auditing
  • Environmental Status and Impact Assessment Studies
  • Strategy for Sustainable Urban Development
    • Urban Flooding/Storm Water Management
    • Appropriate, Sustainable, Site specific Sewage and Wastewater Treatment Technologies
    • Decentralized Waste Management Systems
    • Development of Green Corridors along the Roads to Minimized the Pollution Loads
    • Formulation of Urban Environmental Management Guidelines
    • Assisting in Detailed Project Report (DPR) Preparation and Appraisals
    • Review and Monitoring of Action Plan
    • Mandate:
      1. Networking with the City Managers and Officials
      2. Making partners of all Cities Authorities in India
      3. Assisting Urban Local Bodies in Making Smart Cities
      4. Sharing City Developmental Strategies
      5. Water and Storm Water Management and Sanitation
      6. Health and Environmental Improvement
      7. Strategic Waste Management Systems
      8. Resources Accounting and its Management
      9. Training and Capacity Building
    • Mission: To address urgent local environmental issues by helping, involving and interacting with urban local bodies and stockholders, for improved urban environmental planning and implementation.
    • Vision: Sustainable Urban Environment Management