Ongoing Projects
“Development of real time wireless embedded multi-sensor system for monitoring and analyzing water quality parameters”, XIIth FYP, Clean water (Rs. 25.49 Lakhs) PL: GLB, CEERI,NNB
Development of modified materials for the removal of arsenic from drinking water””.PL: DrSrimantKagne “Development of electrodes for the removal of nitrates from drinking water by electrochemical reduction process”, PL: DrSrimantKagne
“Preparation of RM for monitoring of p,p’”-DDT and p,p”DDE in drinking water” (XII FYP project, MiC). PL: GSK & KG
“Development of multi-pollutant removing, Water Distillation and Purification System using Solar Energy” Approved by DST. PL: Kavita Gandhi
Monitoring of Pesticide Residues at National Level”, Grant-in-aid project sponsored by Dept of Agriculture, IARI, N Delhi, PL: Kavita Gandhi
Exploratory study of mobile tower emissions in model area of Nagpur city , MLP-67 ( 2014-2017) PL: PK & GLB
Analysis of active ingredients in BHC, Lindane, Methyl Parathion and Dimethoate pesticides, sponsored by MP State Agro Industries Development Corporation Ltd, Bhopal, Pl: Dr G L Bodhe
Completed Projects
Project Proposal “Characterization and assessment of convention water treatment facilities for Pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCPs)” WTI- DST – NPT& NK (PL)
Development and mass scale production of phosphors for dosimetric applications”, (G-1-1743), Sponsoredby BARC, Mumbai. PLM, SMD, VMS (Rs. 24.72 Lakhs)
Development of compact RPL phosphor discs and reader system”, DRDO GLB, PLM, NNB (Rs. 38.6 Lakhs)
Characterization and management of Dioxin & Furans - SIP16, XIth FYP
Development of portable digital kit for field measurement of Arsenic(SIP16(3.4), XIth FYP.
Remote access of analytical instruments at central instrumentation facility in general and Gas Chromatograph in particular using LAN facility (MLP)
Characterization, Management and Monitoring of Dioxins and Furans” (Project Leader: Neeta Thacker, Sophia Carmalin and S.M.Kashyap)
Development of a National Implementation Plan in India as a first step to implement the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Objective 4: Measures in relation to Unintentionally produced POPs (Dioxins and Furans)