List of LIcences

Technology Transferred

Active licensees

Phytorid SWAB Technology Name of Licensee Solar Assisted Electrolytic Defluoridation Multifuel Improved Cookstove (NEERDHUR)
M/s Emergy Enviro Pvt. Ltd., SINE IIT Bombay, Mumbai M/s Pristine Water, Pristine Water, New Delhi RECON Energy & sustainability Technologies, Nagpur
M/s S. S. Engineering, Noida, U.P. M/s Cleanflo India Pvt. Ltd., 0New Delhi Tekno Biotech (India) Raipur
M/s Ayyappa Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad – 500082 M/s WV Eco Exnora Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Chennai Carmel B&F Industries Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur –440023
M/s Technogreen Environmental Solutions, Pune
M/s Ecologique Science Technik (India) Pvt. Ltd. , Nagpur – 440022