Chennai Zonal Lab..

Water Quality Management
-    Assessment and de-contamination Study of Soil and Groundwater of IOC outlet, M/s. AP Enterprises, Mogappair West Area, Chennai
-    Performance Evaluation and Improvement of Hosur SIPCOT CWSS at Kelavarapalli Dam
-    Hydrochemical study of Groundwater in Pondicherry and Karaikal Regions
-    Study on the Surveillance of Drinking Water Quality in Chennai, Coimbatore and Bangalore
-    Impact of on-site sanitation system on the quality of ground and surface water source Chennai city
-    Development of Nano Silver-Carbon Core-In Shell and Other Materials for Water Disinfection
-    Microbial Desalination Cell: A New Method for Water Purification
-    Development of Nano-Material Based Biosensor for Monitoring The Water Borne Pathogens

Wastewater Management
-    Wastewater Management in Tanneries in Tamil Nadu
-    Wastewater Management in Tamil Nadu Distilleries
-    Characterisation of Sewage Treatment Plant on Fluidized Aerobic Bioreactor of Thermax, Pune
-    Performance Evaluation of the Existing Effluent Treatment Facility at M/s. Saint Gobain Abrasives Grindwell Norton Ltd., Bangalore
-    Wastewater management in Chennai Port Trust
-    Application of Established Fish Cell Lines Evaluating Toxicity of Industrial Effluents
-    Wastewater Disposal Options for Port Blair 

Environmental Microbiology/ Biotechnology/ Virology
-    Nucleic Acid Based Molecular Tools for Microbial Source Tracking
-    Biotechnological Approach for Capture of CO2 for Generation of Pufa Using Algae-DBT, New Delhi
-    Climate Change and Plant-Microbes’ Interaction Consequences for Phyto-Remediation of Crude Oil Contaminated Soils – Ramllingaswami Fellowship of DBT for 5 Years
-    Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) based Detection of Environmental Mycobacteria to identify the Potentially Dangerous Zones and Sources - ICMR 
-    Metagenomic approach for Perchlorate Removal from Ground water and Soil - Inhouse Project 
-    Biotechnological Decolorization and Treatment of Textile Wastewater - Perspectives for the New Millennium - DBT
-    Biodegradability and Toxicity of Formaldehyde-Methanol containing Paint/Resin Manufacturing Wastewater – DBT
-    Technical Strengthening of PHED, MP for effective delivery of Total Sanitation Campaign and Swajaldhara – UNICEF, Bhopal


CSIR Supra Institutional Project-Capacity Building in Molecular Environmental Science
-    Molecular Biology (Fluorescence in-situ hybridization   and     DNA array)Technology for Microbial Quality  Monitoring of Water
-    Molecular Analysis of Air Microbes from Aerosols 
-    Concentration & Detection of Human Enteric Viruses in Marine Environment and Sea Food through PCR and Gene Probe - DBT 
-    Performance Evaluation of Water Purification Unit  (Pureit), HLLRC, Mumbai
-    Decolourization and Biodegradation of Azodye industry wastewater-DBT
-    Virological Quality of Drinking Water in Goa, PWD, Govt. of Goa

Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
-    Nano Scale Biosilica Extraction from Agro Waste Biomass and its Applications
-    Assessment of Status of Municipal Solid Wastes Management in Metro Cities, State Capitals, Class - I cities and Class - II towns in Tamil Nadu and Kerala - CPCB
-    Leachability and Engineering properties study for the Solid Waste encapsulated Concrete Blocks made by ITC, Thiruvottiyur
-    Leachability Study for the Solid Waste of Chemfab Alkalis Limited, Kalapet, Pondicherry
-    Solidification and Stabilisation of Electroplating Sludges
CSIR Networked Project
-    Environment Friendly Leather Processing (SMM-10)

    NEERI Chennai Zonal Laboratory has also conducted a number of seminars and workshops connected with current international problems. This centre is recognised for carrying out research work for both Master’s and Doctoral Degrees. So far 23 Research Scholars have obtained Doctoral degree and more than hundred students have done their project work for the award of M.Sc./M.Tech/M.Phil Degree in Environmental Engineering/Science/Biotechnology.
    NEERI Chennai Zonal laboratory has pioneered in the Research & Development needs of the industries, Govt. Agencies and Departments for over three decades and has progressive plans for the future. Its services for both advice and action are always available through consultancy and sponsored research work.


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