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About the Library
The Library & Documentation Division provides vital scientific information support to the R & D activities of the Institute. Enriched with over 48,700 information resources including books, journals, reports, conference proceedings and 120 international and national peer reviewed current periodicals on environmental science and engineering and related disciplines; CD resources and audio-visual films, it is an established information resource centre for environmental science and engineering in the country. The library activities encompass information resources development, organization, databases development, information consolidation, digital resource base development and online access facility, document supply, training and research, bibliometrics and information services.  

Quality Policy: Library and Documentation Division is committed for excellence in scientific and technical information dissemination and support for R & D activities of the Institute. 

Quality Objectives:  The Library and Documentation Division strives to server as research information support centre in environmental science and engineering and related areas by (1) providing access to latest and well organized information resources and  (2) services oriented to user needs.

Information resources (books / reports, reference books, journals)
Electronic Information resources ( CDs and Online databases, journals)
Current Awareness service, bibliographic databases project oriented
Information consolidation
Document supply service
Monitoring research output

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