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:: सी.एस.आई.आर. - नीरी ज्ञान स्रोत केंद्र मे आपका स्वागत है :: 12 अगस्त 2017 को राष्ट्रीय पुस्तकालय दिवस एवं भारत मे पुस्तकालय विज्ञान के पितामह "डॉ. एस. आर. रंगनाथन" का 125 वॉ. जन्मोत्सव के अवसर पर के. आर. सी. द्दारा बेवसाइट का नया रुप उपयोगकरताओं के उपयोग हेतु प्रस्तुत है ::
Knowledge Resource Center

The NEERI KRC provides vital scientific information support to the R & D activities of the Institute.Enriched with over 48,500 information resources including books, journals, reports, conference proceeding and 163 international and national peer reviewed current periodicals on environmental science and engineering and related disciplines; CD resources and audio-visual films, it is an established information resource centre for environmental science and engineering in the country.The activities of the Center encompass information resources development, organization, databases development, information consolidation, digital resource base development and online access facility, document deliver, training and research, bibliometrics and information services.

KRC Policy & Objectives

NEERI KRC is committed for excellence in scientific and technical information dissemination and support for R & D activities of the Institute.

The Library and Documentation Division strives to serve as research information support centre in environmental science and engineering and related areas by (1) providing access to latest and well organized information resources and (2) services oriented to user needs.

  • Information Resources (Books/Reports, Refrence Books, Journals)
  • Electronic Information Resources (CDs and Online Databases, Journals)
  • Circulation
  • Current Awarencess Service
  • Project Oriented Bibliographic Databases
  • Information Consolidation and Packaging
  • Document Delivery Service
  • Monitoring NEERI Research output- SCI Papers


Five Laws of Library Science :-
1. Books are for Use
2. Every reader his/her book
3. Every book its reader
4. Save the time of the reader
5. The library is a growing organism

Dr. S. R. Ranganathan

Two forces are succesfully influencing the education of a cultivated man: art and science. Both are united in the book.

Maksim Gorky

A library book...is not, then, an article of mere consumption but fairly of capital, and often in the case of professional men, setting out in life, is their only capital.

Thomas Jefferson More
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