About DNA BarID (DNA Barcode Identification)

DNA BarID (DNA Barcode Identification) is a tool for rapid taxonomic identification of nearly full length 16S rRNA sequences based on QR-codes (regular expressions).

At present, DNA BarID tool contains in-built QR-codes (regular expression) for following representative taxa from Phylum-Firmicutes (Bacteria) accroding to taxonomic level

The pattern based approach adopted in this tool could help in molecular based taxonomic identification for other phyla predominant in particular niche, thereby assisting classification of unknowns at least at higher taxonomic levels (class and order).


Graphics-based user friendly interface

It accepts FASTA format 16S rRNA sequences (.fasta/.txt/.fa/.seq/.fna extension file).

Export analysis results in respective text files.

Users can encode or decode QR-codes.


  • Developed by:
  • Mr. Ravi P. More and Dr. Hemant J. Purohit, EGD, CSIR-NEERI, Nagpur, MH, India (hj_purohit@neeri.res.in)